Tel Aviv International Airport is the closest and most convenient airport.  It is about a 30 minute drive from Tel Aviv, and 45 minutes from Jerusalem.​


Please be prepared for additional security screenings and questioning when you board your flight to Israel. Because of the heightened security in the country, it is not uncommon on both inbound and outbound flights to be asked many questions including why you're traveling to Israel, whom you know, what words you know in Hebrew, and other seemingly bizarre questions. We recommend you allow extra time at the airport, especially when leaving the country.  We also recommend you bring your wedding invitations along with you.


Getting to and from the airport


The easiest  way to get from the airport to your hotel is via taxi. You may either wait in line for a taxi, or order yourself a taxi using Uber or GetTaxi. Either way, the price is regulated, and should be:

• ₪134 during the daytime

• ₪154 during the night time or weekend

• ₪4 more per suitcase  

• Prices to hotels outside of Tel Aviv will be different

To get ₪20 off your first ride with GetTaxi, click here or use coupon code "GTTJRPS"

• To get ₪20 off your first ride with Uber, click here or use coupon code "bol6v"


Public Transportation (from the airport)

You can also choose to take a train from the airport to Tel Aviv. Depending on where your hotel is, you may choose to get off the train at either the Savidor or HaShalom train stations, and take either a bus or a taxi from there. Trains in Israel are very reliable and generally on-time. Busses are a little bit less so.


Car Rental

All major companies have counters located in the arrivals terminal at Tel Aviv airport, and all representatives speak English proficiently.

The official rental website for TLV can be found here.

Cars can also be rented through all major websites, such as Expedia, Orbitz, etc.


Within Tel Aviv

The easiest way to get around Tel Aviv is via bicycle or electric scooter .

  • Renting a bike at any Green Bike station is extremely easy.  The interface has an English language setting, and there are stations conveniently located all throughout the city.  Access fees and rates can be found here.  If you will be using this to get around the city more than just a couple of times, we recommend purchasing a week long subscription.

  • You can rent an electric scooter using the "Bird" app. To get ₪20 off your first ride with Bird, enter coupon code "LLYQGXR".

  • If you are looking for a bit more comfort, and don't mind high prices, taxi's are the way to go. To save ₪20 off your first ride, please use the links / coupon codes above.

  • Busses are also a viable option to get around Tel Aviv, and they accept cash. We recommend using Google Maps or the "Moovit" app to see bus schedules and times.

  • Note, parking in Tel Aviv can be a hassle, so please be prepared if you are planning to rent a car.


Outside Tel Aviv

While trains are reliable and connect many of the major cities (Haifa, Be'er Sheva, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv), depending on where you are looking to go, the best option is most likely to rent a car. All of the familiar companies are available here, including Avis, Hertz, and Enterprise. The most popular car rental company is the local one, Eldan. Bookings can be made online, and representatives all speak English proficiently.


Please Book Early

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Because April is "high season" in Israel (Passover and Easter both fall on the weekend after our wedding), we strongly recommend booking your accommodations as soon as possible. 



Alona & Oren will be staying at the Brown Beach House from April 8-16. We do not have a group rate at this hotel, but rates are very reasonable. 

Atlas Boutique Hotels: 5% + 5% Off With Coupon Code: "TheService." 


For your convenience, we have negotiated a 5% discount on several Atlas Boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv, and one in Jerusalem, in addition to their existing 5% online booking discount. You can apply this discount code when you input the name of the hotel, your dates and select the number of adults/rooms. Under the area where you select number of adults/rooms, there is a dropdown arrow and there is a space to put in the code.

Melody Hotel, Tel Aviv: Their rooms combine playful patterns, flashes of color and contemporary furnishings for a serene haven of relaxation. 

Art Plus Hotel, Tel Aviv: These stylish rooms have been meticulously designed to combine artistic flair, style, and comfort. 

Rothschild 65 Hotel, Tel Aviv: Taking inspiration from the staple tastes and flavors of Israel, Atlas Hotels presents to you Middle Eastern cuisine, re-imagined.

Arthur Hotel, Jerusalem: Rooms feature stylish furnishings and design elements, draped in rich tones of reds and greens to reflect the distinctive colonial charm.









AirBNB is a popular option in Tel Aviv, especially for extended stays, with a wide range of options from small studio apartments to luxury penthouses. April is high season in Tel Aviv, and with Passover and Easter, hotels are going to be expensive and book up fast. For those traveling in groups or looking to save, AirBNB is a phenomenal option. We recommend you stay at an AirBNB within the following geographic area:


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